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You've reached the informational hub for Portland based Multi-Instrumentalist and Producer Machado M. Mijiga.

This page mostly serves as a landing page to my other media sites; please follow any of the icons in the top right corner that interest you most.

I've included a few selections from my various social media and other pages below!

My Drumming

My Instagram

Igneous// Machado Mijiga

I completed a project in Summer of 2020 where I composed 25 pieces for 25 separate drummers, tracked all parts (except for drums), and then produced the track after receiving my collaborators' drum tracks.

This track, "Igneous", was the final track of the project, where I composed something for myself and tracked all the parts INCLUDING drums.

Click the link to my YouTube channel to watch the entire project, or click to any of my music pages to listen to "Journal" in its entirety.

My Jazz Fusion

My Lo-Fi

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My Modern Jazz

My Sample Pack

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