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“I wish every composer I know would take notes from local maestro Machado Mijiga." 

-Matthew Andrews, Oregon ArtsWatch

Gradient is in many ways representative of the current movement on the west coast, or more specifically, in the Pacific Northwest.
Far reaching, imaginative composition ... and young musicians who have an awareness that is obtained beyond the reach of modern jazz education.
There is an organic sense of that generational understanding throughout this recording. It makes for a great listen and the good feeling of what is to come further down the road. The light is bright.

The pool of jazz talent in Portland is always full ... the city has seen an explosion of young players who have brought a renewed sense of energy to the scene ... in the music of multi-instrumentalist Machado Mijiga, for example, there are strains of R&B, hip-hop and modern electronica.  " 

Robert Ham, Willamette Week
Paul Rauch, All About Jazz
Based in Portland, OR
Genre: Jazz, Hip-Hop, R&B
Label: *Independent*

"Multi-instrumentalist and Portland native Machado Mijiga wears many hats, both literally and metaphorically.

Classically-trained, jazz-weathered, and eclectically inclined, Mijiga left the proverbial creative "box" at a very early age, with access to many instruments and a diverse musical background brought about by an intercultural heritage.

Mijiga is a musical polymath; composer, producer, bandleader, educator, gear fanatic, and audio engineer, to name a few.

Authenticity and uniquity assume the locus of Mijiga's artistic identity. Self-expression is the prime directive, and the medium of choice changes like the weather."

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